Build your own Website for your Band

So you’ve decided to build your own webpage for your band or to showcase your artistic talent.

Do a lot of research first before you dive in. There are many different ways to go about building your first page. Like whether you want to use html or flash, how much web space you will need and so on. By planing you  will save yourself time and aggravation in the long run. Just don’t get stuck in the cycle of researching and planning but never “taking action” in the development of your site.

Web Hosting

When choosing who is going to host your site, some have had luck with free hosting services but most don’t, so shop around, there are packages available to fit any size budget and thousands of companies to choose from.

If you do not plan to put any of your music up and simply want to have a flyer style promotion than you wont need a lot of web space id say 5-10 mb would be more than enough for this, but if you plan to host your music  you will need at minimum 50-100 mb of space and the amount of bandwidth your host provides will have to be taken into great consideration.

Now you’ve decided that its time to start the construction part of your website forums will be your best friend. has great: design, marketing, flash and html development forums with thousands of posts and treads to deal with most of the problems that you will encounter

When you build your own webpage and are live on the internet you will face some changes that have to be made. You will also have to be patient with the search engines to catalog your site into their search results. This can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple of months, if you have a friend with a site that is already up try and get them to give you a back link to your bands site this will increase your chances of search engines like google to find your site.

Promotional Outlets

Below are a few essential places to submit your site to. These will get you started, but keep researching into other sites and places to promote your site through.