Music Production Articles

A collection of music production articles for your reading enjoyment.

frequencies Proper Placement of Frequencies – Many bands neglect to understand the importance of frequency placement, inturn creating a recipe for a muddy mix.
midi MIDI Interfaces – Midi messages can be run through a simple midi in and out on a computer sound card or a midi keyboard connected to a rack mount synth. For each MIDI cable you can run up to 16 channels of midi messages.
recording sound Recording Sound – Sound can be recorded for many different uses. Sound fx, movie dialogue, music, toys, presentations, video games, vocalized records like talk tapes, and more.
cd care How to Clean CD’s and Storage of your Music – Compact disks were one of the greatest innovations that helped evolve the music industry, it is said that with proper care a CD could actually last a lifetime and play a song with out any degradation to the sound quality.
Music Distribution – Distributing an independent release can be tough, but its starting to get easier with some new innovative businesses that are emerging.
producing music Different Approaches to Producing Music – Getting Past your creative block, think outside of the box, there is no one correct way to make music.
studio furniture Recording Studio Furniture– A recording studio engineer has around a couple hundred knobs, and faders to adjust while recording a session. The more organized a studio is the more creative you will be.
music technology Music Production Technology Explained – When diving in feet first to the world of producing music it can be a little mind blowing. There are so many new audio technologies hitting the market it is hard to keep up.
DJ Technologies DJ Technologies – Many new technologies have emerged in the disk jockey world recently. Among these technologies is Vestax’s final scratch.
building website Building a Website for your Band– Do a lot of research first before you dive in. There are many different ways to go about building your first page. Like whether you want to use html or flash, how much web space you will need and so on.