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Tone Records is relaunching a newly revamped site. After years of successfully growing in both size and popularity, ToneRecords.com offers an archive of tutorials, samples and resources for music producers, DJ’s, and music enthusiasts. We have one goal. Our goal is to create a valuable resource where you can research technical information on audio production. To help teach musicians who record there own music with techniques and guides. Our website also has a wealth of resources for the common listener on how to improve their listening experience.

We offer free information on turntables, vinyl collecting, and how to set up your own recording studio. Our detailed tutorials will help guide you through setting up how to record your own vocals, which equipment and programs you will need, and how to enhance your recordings. Getting your work out there is really important, record companies are looking for artists that self promote it shows drive of the artist. Be sure to read our article on building a website for your band and check out CanadianMusicArtists.com for some online promotion resources.

For all the music listeners, turntables have made a comeback and its obvious to any vinyl lover why. We have lost that wonderful warm sound that an analogue record gives off. Music has been downgraded with small file size, low quality mp3’s, so that we can jam a playlist of 1000 on to our new smartphones. Music was meant to be enjoyed. So break out that old turntable, and put on your favorite vinyl. While enjoying the bands wonderful album art, you listen to it the way the artist intended. Vinyl records have a more full sound when compared to CD’S. The sound is recreated on an analogue level just like an instrument, the turntable creates a vibration that is amplified. An experience you must hear to really appreciate.

Coming Soon at Tone Records

We will be updating our library of samples, articles and tutorials on a frequent basis. In the new year were setting up a shop in with some cool accessories.

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